Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: A Practical Approach

Foreword by Professor W. Draf, Germany

Publisher – Springer-verlag ISBN – 3-450-19989-6

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery examines the surgical techniques for tackling nose and sinus disease. With the advent of multi-angled endoscopes, better optical instruments and imaging techniques, the impact of endoscopic sinus surgery has been greatly increased in recent years as it considers the problem at its root cause.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery combines a clear, practical text with extensive visual material and many colour illustrations. All aspects of functional endoscopic sinus surgery are covered including an assessment of the technique and a detailed account of both morbid and endoscopic anatomy which are important to an understanding of the techniques involved.

Post-operative care, possible complications (and how to avoid them) and radiology of the paranasal sinuses are also examined and illustrated.

This is both an accessible and practical book for the novice which will broaden their diagnostic skills and improve the care of patients with paranasal sinus disease. The many tips included in the book will aid established surgeons.

S.K. Kaluskar is a Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon at the Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh in Northern Ireland. He is the author of many papers on the subject and conducts international courses in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Laser Application in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery.

The author wishes to thank Dr. Naishedh Patil, ENT registrar, now Prof. and Consultant ENT Surgeon, Sligo General Hospital, Ireland, President IOS 2019, for his help in this book.


Complications in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Disagnosis, Prevention and Management 2nd Edition

Publisher – Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers ISBN – 818061705X

Among many aphorisms of Hippocrates (460 BC), perhaps the most important one
is “to avoid injuring your patient.”

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is now a well established modality all over the world for common inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses. The clinical effectiveness of the technique is well demonstrated in the literature. Unfortunately, complications of any surgical procedure is a reality in life. As the endoscopic techniques have become more and more popular, both major and minor complications have been reported.

There has been a spate of books on endoscopic sinus surgery in recent years. In spite of newer technology in this field in terms of instruments, lasers, microdebriders, image guided systems, the incidence of complications have not changed significantly. It is precisely with this in mind the two authors have canned the concept of writing this book. It aims at filling a major hiatus in this field for the endoscopic surgeons and for the novice who wishes to embark upon this technique.

This book, probably the first on the subject, is written by two senior authors in this field. Both authors from their vast experience in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and advanced procedures have taken painstaking effort to weave the text around profuse material obtained from cadavers, patients and CT scans.

The contents of the book have been distilled to present complications in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery during and after the episode. More importantly greater emphasis has been placed on how to avoid these complications prior to the operation when the patient is first seen in the clinic. It takes the reader on a guided tour of understanding why and how complications occur and if and when they occur how to diagnose and manage them.

Throughout the book is profusely illustrated by colour photographs of exceptional quality pertaining to cadavers, CT scans, intraoperative procedures and postoperative follow-up.

Diseases of the External Ear (Including Step-by-Step Otoplasty)

Publisher – Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers ISBN – 9789351522362

Diseases of the external ear are a day-to-day occurrence in any ENT surgeon’s clinical practice. The author has written this book from his vast clinical and operative experience over the last five decades in ENT surgery

This book presents a large variety of pathologies affecting external ear in great detail in a concise, clear and easy-to-understand text along with superb preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative photographs

It consists of total 7 chapters starting from the evolution of the external ear, followed by embryology, anatomy and physiology, and wide range of pathologies from trauma, inflammatory, neoplastic conditions to certain interesting miscellaneous lesions affecting external ear.

The surgical details are laid out in a step-by-step configuration for a novice surgeon. Special attention has been drawn to the details of the techniques for the common problem of bat ears both in children and adults.

SK Kaluskar MS (ENT) FRCS DLO (Eng) is an Emeritus ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon at the Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh, Northern Ireland, UK. He is a guest faculty in various national and international courses and continuing medical education programs and workshops. He is a recipient of several prestigious orations and awards from various universities and medical colleges. He was a postgraduate trainer for the Royal College of Surgeons and the Queen’s University, Belfast, UK.

He has numerous publications in many national and international journals. He has contributed chapters in textbooks. He has produced a large number of educational videos and CDs.

Clinical Atlas of Ear, Nose and throat diseases, including Thyroids and Parotids

Publisher – Bhalani Publishing House ISBN – 8185578036

Salinet Features

This Clinical Atlas clearly dispalys common ailments afffecing Ear, Nose and Throat diseases with concise relavant description of the symptoms, signs and briefly outline the line of treatment. Moreover it aslo includes various diseases of thyroid and parotid glands.

  • It contains 240 colour photographs
  • 60 computer generated graphics
  • Relevant text laid out in a conceptual fashion
  • Principles of treatment outlined

Easy Guide to the Ear, Nose and Throat

Publisher – National book trust India ISBN – 8123754515

This book is a reader-friendly guide to various ear, nose and throat problems, with an aim to create awareness on these delicate sense organs. 

It also helps to identify the various problems and their symptoms at an early stage, perceive them in proper light and know the right time to seek the help of a specialist.

Written in a simple language, the book also includes tips on first-aid measures and home remedies. Authored by two eminent ENT specialists, the book serves as an essential handbook and a ready reference for all.

Dr S. Kaluskar is a senior E.N.T. and Head & Neck Surgeon at the Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh, North Ireland, UK. One of the pioneering surgeons in the UK in the field of Nose and Sinus Surgery. He is the recipient of several prestigious orations and awards from various universities and medical colleges, and regularly conducts international courses and workshops on Nose and Sinus Surgery.

Dr Sanjay Sachdeva is an emminent ENT & Head and Neck surgeon from New Delhi, India. He is a Director of ENT services in MAX Hospital New Delhi. He has special interest in FESS surgery and conducts courses on the subject in Max hospital. In recent years he has developed a cochlear implant programme in his hospital.

Office Nasal Endoscopy in the evaluation of the chronic sinus disease

Publisher – Karl Storz, Germany, 1992

This booklet exhibits various pathologies in the nose performed with a Karl Storz zero degree 4mm endoscope.

Both authors, Dr.S.K.Kaluskar and Dr.N. P. Patil, have comprehensive and wide range of experience in the field of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery ( FESS)

The authors passionately  believe that a proper in-depth  meticulous nasal endoscopy is THE key to the diagnosis of nose and sinus disease prior to the patient being  taken for the surgery.The decision whether the patient need or does not need surgery has to be decided by thorough history, nasal endoscopy and aided by CT scan imaging.

Following brief history  of the attempts at nasal endoscopy since 1903, Karl Storz’s Hopkins rigid nasal endoscope offers far more details  for clinical evaluation of the nasal and sinus problems.

This booklet systematically describes with profuse  illustrations,  in detail  the  method of clinical nasal endoscopy to diagnose the disease entity precisely. The endoscope gradually   navigates the nasal cavity in three  passes  from anterior to posterior part of the nasal cavity taking notice of the various pathologies, like  lymphangitis, congestion, oedema, polyps, pus, mucopus and any other unusual pathology. Examining a cascade of  mucus  either in the hiatus semilunaris or in front or behind the eustachian tube offers a  great deal of information as to which group of sinuses are affected.

In some cases  a rigid  30 degree  or very occasionally 70 degree endoscopes have been used in certain circumstances  to evaluate the pathology especially in the sphenoethmoidal recess.

In older children 2.7 mm zero or 30 degree endoscopes have been used  by the authors.

Finally the authors describe a study of one hundred patients  showing comparison  of anterior rhinoscopy  using Thudicum speculum versus nasal endoscopy findings.

In short what the microscope offers to ear pathology, the nasal endoscope is to the nose and sinus pathology. 

Contribution to the following Text Book

Chapter 22 on Laser Tonsillectomy – Principals and Practice of Lasers in otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Publisher – Kugler Publications, Netherlands , New York – 2002

Chapter 13 on Laser Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – Principals and Practice of Lasers in otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

Publisher – Kugler Publications, Netherlands , New York – 2002

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